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Hi there! I’m Richelle, an editor, writer, and photographer living in New York City. Right now, I’m the Assitant Digital Editor at Travel + Leisure, which (fun fact!) is the first time I’ve had just one job since I was 16.

I’m from Pittsburgh, Pa., where I both grew up and went to college. My interests include ice cream and collecting new interests. And I wish that were a joke because learning new things is hard and ice cream is bad for you, but neglecting that which beckons is bad for you, too. I’m currently most excited about personal style, group fitness, positive psychology, data interpretation, workplace organizational structure, personal finance, and reluctantly learning to cook. I’ll let you guess which one is coming least naturally to me.

I’ve also been known to dabble in the arts of compulsive list-making, yoga, adding beautiful things I can’t afford to online shopping carts in hopes that some sort of technical malfunction will process my order for free, flea market scavenging, and also, cat petting.

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